Elevated move: weighted water run

Your legs and glutes must work harder in the pool than they do on land.

You already have the classic move mastered. But instead of being satisfied at that, it’s time to build off the basics and learn to perfectly perform next-level variations.Think of them as 2.0 versions of exercises you already know and love. Here, the latest in our Elevated Move series:

THE MOVE: Weighted Water Run

THE CHALLENGE: To stay fit for the job, Hawaii’s North Shore lifeguards use their surroundings—which means plenty of swimming and running in the ocean. “Training in those conditions keeps us ready for when we have to make a rescue,” says guard Bryan Phillips. If you’ve ever tried to run in a pool you know how strong water’s resistance can be. Add a weight (or boulder, as the guards do) and it’s downright killer for your legs and glutes.

THE LEAD-UP: Start by running in the shallow-end of the pool, so your head is above water. Next, try it in the deep end, taking a deep breath as you go underwater and slowly exhaling as you jog. If you’re comfortable, you’re ready to try it with a weight.

DO IT: First, make sure you have someone with you for safety. Place a weight on the bottom of the pool. Jump or dive in, hold the weight close to your chest, and start jogging. When you feel like you’re running out of air, put down the weight, and return to the surface.