Smells like spring

Lily, black rose, geranium, and jasmine stand out in these fragrances for him and her.

A spring scent must evoke optimism, which is why the best ones—even the men’s fragrances—employ floral notes to welcome the warmer weather. Suddenly, “Stop and smell the roses” takes on new meaning because you’re wearingthe roses (and other flowers). Here, the six best perfumes and colognes for both genders.

for him: dior sauvage eau de toilette

The best masculine spring scents balance florals with the right amount of heavier notes, and that’s why Sauvage competes so well as a mild-weather staple. Lavender blends with pepper, while vanilla and amber linger in the base. Later this year, Dior will issue an even longer-lasting, more concentrated Sauvage Eau de Parfum.
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for her: issey miyake l’eau d’issey eau de parfum

L’Eau D’Issey has been around since 1992, which is a testament to its holding power: Miyake concocted his first scent with a bouquet of florals: rose, freesia, lotus, cyclamen, peony, carnation, and lily. A hint of melon stands out, too.
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for him: d.s. & durga cowboy grass

This Brooklyn perfumery is graduating from boutique to mainstream. The particular scent, Cowboy Grass, is aptly labeled: rosewood and wild thyme make way for sagebrush and vetiver. It’s tough, but sophisticated. Make it your signature scent before everyone else catches on.
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for her: elizabeth and james nirvana rose

This rose and geranium blend wears well from spring through autumn, thanks to its summery vetiver base, and if you’re inclined to wearing two different scents—one for the workday, another for evenings and weekends—then this is your new signature scent for the latter.
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for him: dunhill london icon absolute

Bottle design is such an important part of perfumery, and Dunhill’s eye-catching bottles are opaque for a reason: to preserve the integrity and potency of the scent. This one has an herbaceous heart with saffron, black rose, and Egyptian jasmine, anchored by Oud, tobacco, and leather.
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for her: louis vuitton apogée

While we await the March launch of LV’s next scent, the citrusy Le Jour se Lève, try the luxury brand’s current best, Apogée. With subtle citrus notes, its heart beats with a floral quartet of lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, magnolia, and rose.
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