My healthy: Madison Headrick

Why the supermodel eats a banana every day and swears by infrared saunas

Madison Headrick's big breakthrough came in 2010, when she booked a campaign with Italian fashion house Prada. Since then, she's walked for legendary brands like Ralph Lauren, Acne, and Calvin Klein; and she's appeared on the covers of publications like Vogue Italia. But when Headrick is not on the catwalk or on a photoshoot, she's at the gym. "I love to work out every other day. On the other days, I do hot yoga or recover at an infrared sauna," she says. Here, the Charleston, South Carolina native shares the essentials that keep her healthy and strong.

Portrait: Courtesy of The Lions Model Management

coconut oil

"I cook with it, I wear it... coconut oil is great for just about anything. Once a week, I apply some to my hair after a shower and then I sleep with it in a braid overnight. It keeps me healthy and my hair moisturized."

ankle weights

"I never travel without them. Although they add a few pounds to my luggage, they help me keep fit when I’m away from my daily routine at home."
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vitruvi stone diffuser

"I add a few drops of lavender oil to this diffuser before bed. It helps me relax and sleep well, plus keeps my skin hydrated despite the indoor heat."
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foam roller

"As much as I travel and exercise, my muscles get very tight. I love to foam roll after a workout or before going to sleep to get out all the knots and stiffness."
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"I eat at least one banana every day; they're high in potassium and also high in tryptophan, which our bodies convert to serotonin."

infrared sauna

"This is my favorite health hack. It helps me lose water weight, keeps my skin glowing, and my mood relaxed."
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