3 new ways to do a push-up

Get in plank position with each hand on a basketball or weighted ball. Bend elbows, lowering chest toward the ground. As you do so, roll the right ball out to the right as you straighten your right arm. Roll it back towards the starting position as you push back up to plank. Switch sides to complete set.

Begin in a plank position; bend elbows, lowering chest toward ground, then push up. “Walk” right hand and right foot to the right, followed by your left hand and left foot, and then repeat. Continue, moving to the right or left after each rep. 

Get in plank position parallel to an agility ladder with left hand in the center of a square and right hand on the ground beside it. Bend elbows, lowering chest toward the ground, then powerfully push up as you hop your feet and hands to the left. Land with right hand in the center of the square with left hand on the ground beside it. Repeat in the opposite direction to return to the starting position. Continue, moving from side to side.