I resolve to cook more (3/4)

A trainer finds that getting her family involved was the recipe for success.

Athletes know accountability matters. Committing to a specific plan and regularly assessing progress is crucial to success. But all too often, goals go rogue in January, falling under the category of lofty (often unrealistic) New Year’s resolutions that end up unmet. That’s why we introduced the antidote: The Resolution Diaries. Each week we follow three Equinox trainers on their personal journeys through the first 30 days of resolution season. They pen both progress and pitfalls in working toward change in a meaningful way.

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The fit pro: Bethany Snodgrass, operations manager at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute in New York City and a holistic health coach

Week four update: “To prove that I have mastered any new skill, I have to be able to teach it to others. This was put into practice this past weekend when my three siblings and I got together to cook. I was able to show them a few new things that I have learned thus far in my cooking classes, including how to dry chicken before salting and peppering it (which helps the flavors better stand out) and how to add breading to chicken without flour (egg wash alone works just fine).

Cooking brings people together and is such a community-based experience, so being able to do it with my family was rewarding. Letting them know in advance that we’d be making food at home instead of dining out was also a great way of holding myself accountable in a different environment—something that can sometimes throw people off of their goals.

My main takeaway from this week: Don't be afraid to share your passion and strength with those that you love. You may be surprised how it turns out.”

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