I resolve to train less (4/4)

How one trainer cut back to make time for family planning

Athletes know accountability matters. Committing to a specific plan and regularly assessing progress is crucial to success. But too often, goals go rogue in January, falling under the category of lofty (often unrealistic) New Year’s resolutions that end up unmet. That’s why we introduced the antidote: The Resolution Diaries. Each week we follow three Equinox trainers on their personal journeys through the first 30 days of resolution season. They pen both progress and pitfalls in working toward change in a meaningful way.

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The pro:Cynthia Martinez, a Tier 3 trainer at Equinox Bryant Park in New York City

Week four update:"After my trip to Florida last week, I felt lethargic. I had every intention of going to the pool to practice swim drills before my next lesson, but I didn’t feel the drive to do it. Normally, I’d push through. I never give myself an excuse not to work out. But I remembered my goal of slowing down to help my body prepare for a future pregnancy. My brother also came to visit and catching up with him was more important than squeezing in a swim.

Later in the week, I was back in the pool and made it across the lane without stopping for the first time. My heart was beating so fast as I was reflecting on the fact that I achieved something I have been wanting to do for years. Listening to my body and resting didn't keep me from making great progress in another area of my life.

I also realized that my lull of inactivity coincided with my time of the month, which means I’m not pregnant yet. My husband and I are speaking with Danielle Koestner, DO, a Muskegon, Michigan-based fertility doctor, via video conferencing. Koestner was concerned that my periods might not be regular because of how much running I do. Slowing down was important. But let’s be clear: You can work out during pregnancy. Secondly, she said I may have a period but I may not be ovulating. So my focus now is to hone in on the Natural Family Planning fertility appto figure out my body's cycle.

As the month comes to an end, I'm happy with how I've taken a step back and achieved a new goal in this journey. While I initially wanted to race the Boston Marathon and try for a sub-three, I've decided I will still run but without focusing on time. It will be my 11th marathon and third in Boston. Instead of following my normal training plan, which includes five 20-mile long runs, I'll just do one 18- to 20-miler. I'm letting my body relax, putting less pressure on myself, and even if I have to walk some of it, I will still get my unicorn medal."

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