Q&A with Rachel Hilbert

The supermodel (and foodie) shares her surprisingly simple beauty secret.

In 2015, Rachel Hilbert was the original spokesperson for Victoria's Secret's PINK line. Since then, the Rochester, New York, native has joined the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima in walking down the legendary runway. The key to her success in the industry has been discipline with her fitness regime and her nutrition. “Before a big show I double up my workouts, eat super clean, and try to get as much sleep as I can,” she says. Here, the model shares her pre-bed ritual, go-to cheat meal, and more.

What's your typical workout like?

I like to switch up my workouts all the time, so I don’t have a typical routine. I go to my trainer and do boxing, Pilates, and running.

What's your favorite body part to work out? Your favorite exercise type?

My favorite part of my body to work out is my abs because they are the powerhouse for my entire body. My favorite exercise type is boxing for sure.

How do you recover?

I like to go to an infrared sauna and meditate.

What is your favorite healthy food?

I am a huge foodie, so nutrition plays a key role in my life. My healthy go-tos are smoothies from Juice Press.

What's your ideal cheat meal?

My favorite cheat meal would have to be pizza.

What are the two things you do every night before sleeping?

My good sleep routine is taking a warm shower and making some nice chamomile tea.

What is your ultimate beauty secret?

It’s pretty simple; I drink tons of water throughout the day. It keeps me hydrated plus leaves my skin with a natural glow.