The latest sleep tech

Headphones and headbands for bedtime were standouts at CES 2018.

CES, the annual trade show that celebrates the future of consumer electronics, recently logged its 50th anniversary in Las Vegas. This year, fitness tech was well-represented as were innovations to master the art of a sound slumber. Here, six products that will help athletes recover better at the end of each productive day.

nucalm’s renu: a hypnotic mask

NuCalm’s sleep mask boasts it can provide users with the equivalent of a refreshing two hours sleep in under 20 minutes. Put it on, pop in the headphones, attach pads to your neck, and listen to “neuroacoustic tracks” while a microcurrent stimulation is released. It’s a process NuCalm likens to a sort-of hypnosis. (Coming soon.)
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dreem headband: the brain-tracking sleep-inducer

Dreem’s product works using bone conduction technology to pump in subtle audio to users' inner ears. The idea is that noise therapy spurs a deeper sleep, while also tracking brain activity, as well as heart and breathing rate. The device also has to ability to wake users up. (Available now.)
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rem-fit’s zeeq smart pillow: a headrest that lulls you to sleep

With a two-week battery life, this innovation can play your favorite songs and track your slumber. It also uses vibration technology; a gentle shaking serves as either a wake-up call or measure to prevent snoring and open up constricted airways. (Available now.)
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nokia sleep: the smart mattress pad

This electronic pad that slips under your mattress isn’t for extra cushioning. Nokia Sleep is an intuitive device that tracks the subtlest movements you make while asleep, collecting information about everything from the quality of your shut-eye to snoring habits. The pad seamlessly works with IFTTT, so you can connect your smart home devices and, for example, have your mattress and lamps work in symmetry. (Coming soon.)
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dreamlight: the high-tech mindful breathing device

What sets this headband apart from the others displayed at CES this year is a dim orange light that illuminates to guide mindful breathing. In addition, the company is aligning itself with 23andMe to create sleep profiles using customer’s genetic makeup. (Coming soon.)
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