3 new ways to jump rope

Think beyond the double-leg hop.

Muscles are masters of adaptation: Once they get used to a movement, they stop getting stronger—and you stop seeing results. To prevent plateaus (and boredom), you need to keep changing your workout. An easy way to do it: Replace one of your go-to exercises with a new version. In this series, trainers share a few of their favorite fresh takes. Sub them into your routine to keep the results coming.

ORIGINAL MOVE: Jumping rope

BENEFITS: Just 10 minutes of jumping rope elicits a similar calorie burn to 30 minutes of jogging while strengthening your arms, core, and legs. Plus, catching air improves your coordination and helps build bone density.

NEW MOVES: Skier, twist, and X-foot jump from Jude Lizama, a Los Angeles–based group-fitness instructor at Equinox
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