My healthy: Away founders

Jen Rubio and Steph Korey share their wellness must-haves.

With sleek luggage designs featuring built-in phone chargers and plenty of well-placed compartments, Awayco-founders Jen Rubio and Steph Korey have revolutionized the way the globetrotter travels. The busy duo is often on the road themselves, racking up thousands of miles a month. From comforting fragrancesto versatile workout wear, here are their essentials when on-the-go.

vitruvi essential oils

“All I need is a dab or two to bring me back to center,” says Rubio. “The balance roll-on is my favorite—you don’t have to worry about it spilling and the hint of lavender is a great stress reliever.”
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glossier balm dotcom

“The coconut lip balm is my favorite product because it’s super hydrating,” says Korey.
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diptyque tubereuse candle

“Burning a scent you’re familiar with while traveling is such an easy way to make you feel at home no matter where you are in the world,” says Rubio. 
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allbirds wool runners

“A comfortable pair of shoes is a must while traveling,” says Korey. “These sneakers are my favorite because they're lightweight and versatile."
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four sigmatic chaga elixir 

“I make it a point to incorporate some sort of supplement while I’m in transit to keep my immune system in check,” says Rubio. “I like that this brand makes individual packs that are easy to throw in your bag and mix with water or whatever liquid you have on hand.” 
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outdoor voices slight sweatpants

“These bottoms are perfect for flights—they’re soft and comfortable, but still chic,” says Korey. “They also play double-duty to squeeze in a workout.”
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cap beauty energy mist

“Dry cabin air while you’re flying can be really tough on your skin, so I always pack a hydrating face spray to stay moisturized,” says Rubio.  
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“These nuts are my go-to snack whether I’m working or traveling for fun,” says Rubio. “They are easy to pack and a handful can hold me over until I get a chance to eat a real meal.”
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“When I’m traveling I love catching up on NPR’s How I Built This, The New York Times’ The Daily, or our own podcast, Airplane Mode,” says Korey.
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