12-minute workouts (4/4)

The fourth set in our series, below, starts with the Turkish get-up, a move all trainers, including Rodney, love. Then, move on to bat wings. “Bat wings are great for scapula retraction, working the rhomboids and middle trap,” says Rodney. Then, finish off the lower body with kettlebell swings—they’ll also rev your heart rate, acting as a metabolic finisher.

See how many rounds you can do in 12 minutes; shoot for three to four total. If you have more time—and stamina—you can try “stacking” these tri-sets. You can do all of set four, then move on to set onetwo, or three. Rodney advises against stacking more than two at a time—that’s all you need to be left gasping and sweaty, he says.

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Lie face up, one arm to your side, kettlebell straight up with your other arm, same side leg bent and other leg straight, both legs slightly away from the midline. Drive the foot of your bent leg into the ground to initiate a roll towards the down arm. Drive your elbow into the ground and then straighten out your elbow coming up onto your hand. Take the straight leg, bring it through and hinge at the hip to come to a half-kneeling position. Stand up. Go back down the way you came up. Repeat for all reps on that side; then do it on the other side. Do 3 reps on each side. 

Lay face down on a bench (set a couple notches below 90 degrees) holding a light kettlebell in each hand. Use your scapula to bend your elbows and raise the bells up towards your chest. Pause, then lower back down and repeat. Do 10 to 12 reps. 

Stand with feet hip-width apart with a kettlebell on the ground a few inches in front of your body. Hinge from the hips to grasp the top of the bell with both hands and hike it back between your legs (almost as if you wanted to reach your glutes) and then swing it through, keeping arms straight, until they’re parallel to the ground. Immediately hinge back to repeat. Do 8 to 10 reps. 

The basketball workout

The basketball workout

Supermove series: Forearm Scorpion

Master the forearm scorpion.

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“30 seconds allows you to put in the work without exhausting the muscles.”