Hex bars can prevent injuries


At the recent National Strength and Conditioning Association New York State ClinicDavid Otey, personal training manager at Equinox Sports Club, Upper West Side, spoke about the performance and injury-prevention benefits of using the hex bar.


"It's beneficial for athletes of all levels because the hex bar's unique shape forces you to use a neutral (turned-in) grip, which mirrors the way you naturally hold your arms," says Otey. Such a position keeps your shoulders or hips at a more optimal angle, alleviating pressure on the spine, hips, and knees during deadlifts, he explains. What's more, Otey notes that in most cases, the workout tool allows people to lift heavier weight more comfortably, and with lower injury risk compared to the standard Olympic barbell. Many athletes don't realize they can use the bar for other moves as well, but it's also great for reinforcing proper mechanics in carries and push-ups, he adds.


Incorporate a few new hex bar moves into your regular routine. You’ll see functional gains in two to three weeks and the bar's body-friendly alignment means you won’t feel as sore after workouts, he adds.