My healthy: Missy Robbins

The celeb chef shares her go-to snack, favorite headphones, and more.

With a new restaurant project in the works and a recent cookbook release, critically acclaimed chef Missy Robbins knows good food—and the art of balancing a busy life. When she’s not cooking up simple, craveable dishes at her Brooklyn-based Italian restaurant, Lilia, Robbins can be found running, doing Pilates or relaxing in a neighborhood café. Here, the essentials she relies on to have a successful day.

overnight oats

"A hearty breakfast is the best way to keep my diet balanced and healthy, and to keep me from snacking throughout the day. I usually start with something simple and quick, like oatmeal that I enhance with fruit."
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beats by dre headphones

“I like to listen to music when I’m running on the treadmill a few times a week. These headphones are the best—they put me in my own world for 40 minutes.”
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herbs and citrus

"I use all kinds of herbs and citrus in my cooking to add tremendous amounts of flavor and brighten dishes without adding fat."
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blue bottle coffee

"I have a daily cappuccino in the morning and it's my ritual. Partially for a small boost of caffeine, but more for the act of going to a café and just peacefully enjoying a few moments to myself before starting my busy day."
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"I was introduced to Pilates four years ago thanks to Lauren Barford, the Pilates manager at Equinox Dartmouth in Boston. It not only helped me get into great shape and change my body, but alleviated many physical ailments through stretching and strengthening."
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fage yogurt and raw vegetables

"This is my go-to snack. I love radishes, fennel, and cucumbers with just a little sea salt and lemon juice. If I want a little protein, I make dips with yogurt by simply adding some spices to make them more savory."
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