Q&A with a Victoria's Secret Angel

British model Megan Williams loves squats and almond butter.

In this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, British-born model Megan Williams joined the likes of Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrossio, and Stella Maxwell as one of the lucky few to walk down the legendary runway. But earning wings is not an easy task; good genes will only take you so far without discipline and hard work. In celebration of the event, which airs tonight, we sat down with Williams to talk fitness, nutrition, and more.

photo by Nick Suarez

What’s your typical workout routine like?

Throughout the year I like to change it up by incorporating yoga, Pilates, and cardio workouts like jumping rope. Usually, I try to work out three times a week.

How does that change closer to the show?

I intensify the toning aspect of my routines, and focus mostly on building muscle in the right areas (such as my butt). I also love watching past Victoria's Secret shows to get the energy and inspiration for the runway.

What’s your favorite piece of workout equipment?

I adore the jump rope. You can take it everywhere and get such a good full-body workout.

Do you have a favorite move?

I always incorporate squats in my workouts. Having a toned behind is crucial for the show.

How do you recover?

I like to use cryotherapy and infrared saunas to help relax my muscles.

What’s your favorite post-workout meal?

I'm very strict about these. I tend to go with high-protein options like fish or chicken with sweet potatoes and veggies.

What’s your favorite healthy food? Cheat meal?

I have an acai bowl with almond butter almost every morning. For me a cheat meal would be anything sweet that contains chocolate because I have such a sweet tooth.

How does nutrition play a role prior to the show?

You need to eat well (proteins and veggies are my go-to combo) and drink a lot of water because you have so much adrenaline running through you. You need the energy to hit the catwalk.

How do you stay mentally fit?

I wake up every day and remind myself to be so grateful for being able to live my dream. I also like to meditate often when I’m having busy days. I'm constantly on-the-go and in hectic cities, so I count on those few minutes of calm to keep me balanced.

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