Skip low-fat avocados

A nutritionist weighs in on the latest food trend

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"Light" versions of avocados are trending in the food space. These non-GMO varieties which grow in humid climates have up to half the fat and one-third fewer calories compared to regular California Hass avocados.
Fat helps keep us satisfied and minimizing it in avocados means you could be left feeling hungry. An average medium avocado provides 250 calories. More than 75 percent of its 23 grams of fat is the healthy unsaturated type (including heart-healthy monounsaturated fat). Plus, the fruit contains 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients such as beta-sitosterol, which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and vision as you age. What's more, the newer variety has a milder taste (not ideal for things like guacamole) and can sometimes have a soggy texture.
Skip the "diet" avocados. The real deal has a multitude of health benefits for athletes including providing fat-soluble vitamins.