My healthy: Judy Greer

The Archer actress shares her favorite meditation app and lactose-free foods.

Working long hours on film and television sets often puts a ravished Judy Greer face-to-face with a table of craft service treats. But even when she’s not in front of a camera, Greer makes exercise and a healthy lifestyle a priority. “I write a daily to-do list that includes things like when I’m going to work out, what I’m going to eat, and when I’m going to meditate,” says Greer, who recently signed on for the new Halloweensequel debuting next year. Here, she shares the items that keep her feeling her best.

neoprene hand weights

“I travel a lot and these are so easy to throw into my suitcase.”
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emergen-c vitamin packets

“To help fight free radicals, I’ve been drinking one of these packets after lunch and have been feeling really good.”
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source naturals wellness formula

“They have this herbal defense complex that I swear by. I don’t have the type of job where I can call in sick so I take them all the time, especially when I’m on the go.”
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nasalfo neti pot

“In addition to cleaning out my sinuses, it’s also really good for my vocal quality and keeps me sounding my best. They have these new squeeze bottles so you can do it in the shower.”
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timester meditation app

“I practice transcendental meditation and this app is awesome because it automatically blocks time on my calendar and reminds me to meditate.”
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jumpsport trampoline

"It’s an excellent cardio workout that I can do in my house and it doesn’t hurt my knees, back, or hips.”
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“I’m really understanding how important sleep is for everything in my life, and this supplement helps me get enough shut-eye.”
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“I’m sensitive to dairy, so any products I can eat or drink and still enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of the real thing are a win with me. I love the brand's milk and cottage cheese.”
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