My healthy: Lindsey Vonn

The iconic winter athlete shares her favorite type of foam roller, go-to snack, and more.

As a four-time World Cup skiing champion, Lindsey Vonn’s world centers around her fitness routine. Whether she’s strengthening her hamstrings in the gym or racing down a snowy slope, the celebrated Olympian relies on a few essentialsto get her though the day. “These are some of the things that I use regularly that athletes of all levels can benefit from,” she explains.

under armour mirror breathelux bodysuit

“This is my workout outfit of choice. I feel really sexy while I’m exercising in it, which is key. You have to be confident in yourself when you walk in the gym.”
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vyper vg1

“I use this vibrating foam roller on my legs after a hard workout. I travel with it all the time.”
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my spotify playlist

“I have a workout playlist that consists of 500 songs. It includes rap, some current chart hits, and pop.”


“When I am training really hard, I have a massage every single day. It’s really important. You can’t fully recover unless you get in there and flush it all out.”
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bobbi brown long-wear gel eyeliner

“I always wear waterproof eyeliner while I work out. I feel more feminine when I have makeup on.”
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banana + almond butter

“This combo is my go-to snack, which I usually eat post-workout.”
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“Part of my warm-up involves activating my glutes, so I always use this resistance band. You put it around your knees and do a bunch of walks and lunges. I use it for activation, but it’s probably one of the best tools you can use for getting bigger and stronger glutes.”
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l’occitane lavender hand purifying gel

“I found this at the airport in one of those travel packs. It's hand sanitizer and lotion all in one and it smells good.”
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