5 summer-to-fall grooming products

The artist behind Jake Gyllenhaal’s look shares her must-haves for men.

"I believe what we put on our skin is like the food we eat—it has to be as natural as possible,” says celebrity makeup artist Barbara Guillaume. She argues a "less is more" aesthetic is the ultimate goal when it comes to grooming. And when it’s hot during the summer and into early fall, you want any product you’re putting on to be effective but still lightweight," she adds. "Keep it simple.”

Here, the pro who works with A-listers including Tom Hardy, Milo Ventimiglia, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Daniel Craig reveals her product picks and tricks of the trade.

5 yina skincare lucent summer duo

"I’m obsessed with this natural brand. At this time of year, it’s easy for the skin to look shiny, so I like this combination of a hydrating mist and a dry oil to ward that off." Tip: Spray the mist on then rub two to three drops of the oil between your hands and press it into your face. It creates a perfect, subtle glow that, counterintuitively, doesn't look oily.
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tatcha luminous deep hydration eye mask

"When the under eye area is puffy from traveling, lack of sleep, or seasonal changes, you need hydration. These patches wake the eyes up and pull the puffiness right out." Tip: Keep them in the fridge for a cooling sensation on hot days.
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wahl professional peanut trimmer

"While thicker beards for fall are very sexy and manly, you need to keep them trimmed. This clipper is very small so it’s great for travel and has all the attachments you could need." Tip: Hair that grows on the neck all the way down to the Adam’s apple can look unkempt so clean it up to just under the jaw. And skip the beard oil. It looks too shiny.
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tancho tique stick

"I use this to smooth hair for summer and early fall frizz, but it can also be used on beards and brows. It smells subtle but good—like lavender." Tip: If your brows are very thick, tap your finger on the stick and then along your brows to keep them under control without looking done. For hair, do the same to tame flyaways. Or use it to add texture and create the results of a gel without leaving your hair looking or feeling stiff.
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toppik hair building fibers

"This spray puts a shadow on the scalp so, whether your hair is thinning or not, it just looks even thicker. I use it on every single man I work with in summer and fall (and beyond) because the scalp is always lighter than the face and can easily show through." Tip: It comes in every single color you can imagine so make sure to find your match.
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