How to choose home scents

For the kitchen

"Use earthy scents like cedar, pine, or oak for the kitchen," says Annsley McAleer, an interior designer and owner of Annsley Interiors in Boston. "Think of the things you might want to cook with such as cinnamon or nutmeg, and then shop for a candle that uses those same ingredients. However, don’t let this scent outshine your own spice rack: Sometimes, the kitchen’s best scent is a home-cooked one."

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For the bathroom

“I love a clean uncomplicated scent in a bathroom,” says McAleer. “Anything with a hint of lemon, ginger, or mint is nice. For subtle, lasting freshness, plant a diffuser on the bathroom shelf."

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For the living room

“I want the room to smell inviting to my guests, but not so overpowering that it becomes the only thing one notices,” says Jean Liu, interior designer and owner of Jean Liu Design in Dallas. “Consider using a candle with a complex bouquet (such as a mix of fig, jasmine, and sandalwood) so that the smell, while noticeable and enjoyable, does not become the center of conversation.”

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For the bedroom

“Keep the bedroom a sanctuary for rest and relaxation,” says Liu. “Use floral scents here such as lavender to promote stress relief and a good night’s sleep. I recommend using a linen spray in case you fall asleep before remembering to blow out the candle.”

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