Healthy meal prep for fit bodies: week 2

Learn how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, use the supergrain freekeh, and more.

Whether at Coachella or the office, high-performers know that meal prep makes a difference. Takeout is often loaded with extra oils and high in sodium. And studies show that people who spend more time on home food preparation have a higher-quality diet. That’s why we’re introducing our new healthy meal prep series. The plans to follow support Equinox’s nutritional pillars that functional food should be full of nutrients and free of added sugars to make you feel and perform at your best.

If you’ve never taken a week off from buying lunch, here is an excuse to try it. Each week will have practical cooking takeaways and unlike most meal prep plans, no two meals are the same.

This month’s guide is created by Katzie Guy-Hamilton, chef and director of food and beverage at Equinox.

See all of our plans here.

Last week, the meals centered around the perfect roast chicken. This week, we focus on another healthy protein source: eggs.

“Harnessing a perfectly cooked four- and six-minute egg leaves you with endless possibilities: A great sandwich, breakfast on-the-go, quick snack, or hearty lunches that we feature here,” says Guy-Hamilton. “The four-minute egg is soft and runny on the inside, which is delicious in Monday’s play on a frisée au lardons salad. The six-minute egg is a little firmer on the inside and pairs well with smoked salmon and asparagus for Tuesday’s lunch. Dice up the final two six-minute eggs for a nutritious take on a French sauce called Gribiche that will make you forget about mayo-filled egg salad. After three days of eggs, it’s time for a plant-based bowl on Thursday featuring freekeh, a young green cracked wheat that should be in your grain rotation. Then, using the remaining zucchini from your garden bowl, change up your protein on Friday with a lean pork chop.”

Sunday Preparations:

Shop for all the ingredients and allow two hours to cook. View shopping list here.

While the oven is preheating, cook the freekeh (for Wednesday and Thursday’s meals), then prepare the eggs. View recipe here.

perfect eggs

Fit Chef How-To: Hard-Boiled Eggs

“While there are a million and one methods for cooking eggs this way works every single time,” says Guy-Hamilton. Use a small saucepan with a total of six eggs placed gently in the bottom. Fill the pan with water until it reaches 1 to 1.5 inches above the eggs. Turn the heat on high and as soon as the water comes to a boil, set a timer for four and six minutes.

In the meantime, fill a medium-size bowl with ice water. When the four minute timer goes off, put two eggs immediately into the ice water. After six minutes add the remaining eggs to the ice water. Let them cool for five minutes to stop them from cooking further. Crack the shells all over and start to peel from the fatter bottom of the egg, which will release an air pocket making them easier to peel.

Pro tip: It’s even easier to peel the eggs underwater while they’re still in the bowl.


Preparing the condiments.

Make the gribiche sauce and refill the condiment kit if needed.


Using the eggs and the condiments, you’ll prepare the first three days of lunches. Within each recipe you’ll find further directions for storing meal components and for prepping at your desk.

Wednesday Preparations:


Take 25 minutes to quickly prepare Thursday and Friday’s meals so they’re as fresh as possible. This means sautéing the vegetables and searing the pork.