5 products to prevent chafing

From undergarments to creams, here's how to keep your skin safe during workouts.

With sweat and constant friction, athletes are at risk for chafing during any workout, but particularly those done in the summer heat. It can take days to heal and prevent you from exercising, which is why it's important to get ahead of it. Last summer, we asked experts for their top tipsto do just that. Now, here are five products that take preventing (and healing) irritated skinto the next level.

mayron’s goods junk stuff

For men and women alike, this cream creates a protective barrier over the skin. Packed with vitamins A, B5, C, plus calming chamomile and aloe, it simultaneously nourishes the skin (if it's too late and is already irritated) while accelerating recovery. As a bonus, it’s also soothing for sunburns, bug bites, and eczema.
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body glide skin glide

This non-greasy cream uses tapioca starch and talc to minimize the strain of any rubbing on the skin.
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Women can wear these stylish undergarments to keep bare legs from brushing against one another under tennis skirts; men can invest in the 6-inch unisex black pair and use them under any non-lined track shorts.
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tommy john 360 sport boxer brief

For men, these moisturize-wicking trunks extend low enough over the upper thighs to insulate the skin during workouts.
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megababe thigh rescue stick

Similar to a roll-on deodorant, this antioxidant-rich formula works for preventing and healing chafed areas. It's also loaded with vitamin E to keep skin hydrated.
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