Meet the fitness rebels: Bec Donlan

The PROJECT trainer on setting realistic goals to guarantee successful results

Whether it’s a side hustle or some other creative pursuit, every high performer needs a passion—and a project. That’s the idea behind the new PROJECT by Equinox. It’s a “creative space for fitness rebels” in downtown Manhattan where breakthrough fitness talent creates innovative workouts ranging from The Sculpt Society (a total-body cardio workout that incorporates light weights and sliders) to The Ultimate Runner’s Workout (drills and unilateral exercises to improve speed, agility, and balance). Over the course of six weeks, Furthermore is introducing you to six of PROJECT’s top trainers that are challenging you to move differently. This week we’re featuring Bec Donlan.

Born in Melbourne, Bec Donlan became a certified trainer in 2011. After a couple of years running her own personal training business, she moved to New York City to explore "new and challenging training techniques." In New York, Donlan got certified in Kettlebell Levels 1 & 2 and became a Metabolic Precision Nutrition coach. Now, she teaches Babes & Bands at PROJECT. Known for incorporating different tools into her workout routines, her class promises a full-body workout with a special emphasis on glute sculpting. “My approach is to believe in the attainable, to set realistic goals, and to always recognize that everyone is different,” says Donlan.

What’s your signature exercise?

“Booty band reverse curtsy lunges”

How would you describe your philosophy when it comes to fitness?

“I have a holistic approach that works on building people up from the inside out. This includes everything from making sure we build a strong foundation in all your joints (which prevents injury and creates a sturdy base for strength training) to feeling confident and becoming the fittest, healthiest version of yourself.”

What’s your go-to pre- and post-workout snack?

Pre (if on the run): “D's Naturals No Cow Bar (lemon meringue flavor)” Pre (if at home): “Egg white omelet, spinach, and nutritional yeast (that stuff is pure magic)”Post: “I'm a huge fan of a post-workout smoothie as it's ideal for recovery. Currently I'm digging a combo of matcha, vanilla plant-based protein, avocado, almond milk, collagen peptides, and cinnamon.”

How do you regenerate?

“I'm a believer in using a clean plant-based protein after training, I take an Epsom salt bath daily, and try to visit the infrared sauna once a week.”

The top three songs in your workout playlist?

“Can't do without you” by Caribou, “Dance A$$” by Big Sean, and “Sexual” by Neiked

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