5 books high performers should read this month

A down-to-earth guide to wine, the new science of eating, and more

Being up to date on all things health andwellnessis social andcultural currencythese days. And while the internet is great, actualbooksare still a worthy pursuit.Manynon-fiction reads come out every month, though, and it can feel overwhelming to cut through the clutter. That’s why we started the Furthermore book clubin March. In our third installment, we combed through some of the newest books and curated this list of five we think are worth reading this June.

the book: <i>the secret life of the mind: how your brain thinks, feels, and decides</i>

The Gist: In his recent TED talk, neurologist Mariano Sigman discusses how the way you communicate can predict your future mental health. In his new book, he “revolutionizes how neuroscience serves us in our lives, revealing how the infinity of neurons inside our brains manufacture how we perceive, reason, feel, dream and communicate,” according to TED.com.
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the book: <i>body love</i>

The Gist: With a foreword written by Jessica Alba, celebrity wellness consultant and certified holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque’s new book promises to help readers better attune themselves to their bodies’ needs. You’ll also find recipes, advice on eating while traveling, and more.
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the book: <i>gastrophysics, the new science of eating</i>

The Gist: Oxford professor Charles Spence explores how sounds, sights, and tastes play a role in what we eat. His new book answers questions such as why we consume 35 percent more food when eating with one other person, yet 75 percent more when dining with three. Additional reporting by Brianna Wippman.
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the book: <i>wine. all the time.</i>

The Gist: Bon Appetit wine columnist and former assistant to Mindy Kaling, Marissa A. Ross offers an “unpretentious”—and highly entertaining—guide to buying and tasting wine.
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the book: <i>peak performance</i>

The Gist: Just as the name implies, the authors of this book provide actionable tips on how to reach your peak performance—whether that’s in fitness or your career. Stories of “great performers” combined with “fascinating new scientific research,” make for an entertaining, informative read.
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