5 best sunscreens for summer

Protect your skin with vitamin-packed, oil-free formulas.

Summer brings months of vitamin D exposure and the potential for naturally glowing skin. But at the same time, soaking in too many UV rays can mutate skin cells and lead to wrinkles, dark spots, leathery skin, and worst of all, cancer. You can still spend countless hours on the beach, in the park, or by the pool, so long as you cover yourself with hydrating, lightweight sunscreen. Pick up something that lasts hours, goes on smooth, and doesn’t clog pores, like any of the five options below.

supergoop super power sunscreen mousse spf 50

In addition to being one of the lightest, most soothing choices (thanks to shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, and blue sea kale), this body mousse is also the most fun to apply. It foams out like shaving cream, but absorbs into the skin like butter.
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clinique for men broad spectrum spf 21 moisturizer

This light moisturizer isn't just for the face, it's also great for the body. And women, while it's indicated for men, don’t let that deter you: This one invites burn-free tans without oiling up the skin.
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clarins uv plus anti-pollution sunscreen

Free radicals and pollution are everyday stressors that cause just as must strain to the skin as UV rays. This anti-aging formula features white tea, cantaloupe melon, and blackcurrant.
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coola face spf 30 unscented moisturizer

COOLA touts itself as a “farm to face” brand, packing products with organic ingredients like primrose oil, plankton extract, and acai oil. This moisturizer with SPF nourishes with omegas 3, 6, and 9, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, and E.
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kiehl’s facial fuel uv guard spf 50+

This unscented, lightweight sunscreen is made with caffeine, which is said to invigorate the skin while shielding it from wear.
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