My beach essentials: Sara Villasmil

10 summer picks from a top swimwear designer

A childhood spent immersed in Venezuela's beach culture combined with a love of fashion led Sara Villasmil to create her namesake brand, Sara Cristina Swimwear.The line, which Villasmil says "blends the classic with the vanguard," captures the colorful nature of her home country while embodying the luxury of European craftsmanship. Here, she shares her stylish must-haves for days filled with sand and waves.

sara cristina vitali one-piece swimsuit

"This makes me feel elegant, sexy, and comfortable at the same time. What I especially love is that you can layer on a skirt and be ready for dinner after a beach day."
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tizo age defying sunscreen

"Since Patricia Wexler recommended it, I never leave my house without putting it on. It protects my skin and leaves it soft and silky."
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sara cristina linen towel

"This linen towel is absorbent and lightweight. I use it for laying on the sand and having picnics since it’s huge yet easy to carry in my bag."
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saint laurent panier leather-fringed tote

"I love the combination of raffia and leather. I can put everything I want inside without worrying about damaging the bag."
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the ouai wave spray

"I apply this spray after getting my hair wet for a beachy, undone look."
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avaf x maria brito foldover clutch 

"This is a very artistic and colorful piece made by art curator Maria Brito. I always use it to carry my sunscreen, makeup, and liquid products."
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montecito white sabah shoes

"These shoes are handmade, very comfortable, and the best part is that they look even more amazing as they get older."
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coconut water

"I grew up by the coasts of the Caribbean sea and I used to drink natural coconut water on a daily basis."
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sakara popcorn collection

"No beach bag would be complete without snacks. This popcorn tastes incredibly good and is super healthy."
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