My beach essentials: Hunter Mcintyre

The obstacle course racing pro shares his favorite surfboard, sunscreen, and more

Since his first Spartan race, Hunter McIntyre has competed in 28 obstacle course events and won half of them. In addition to his day job as a Malibu-based SoulCycle instructor, he cross-trains with HIIT, surfing, and trail running. Here, he shares his go-to picks for days spent at the beach.

wavestorm 8’ classic surfboard

"I love that because it’s foam, I can easily grab this board and head out for an impromptu trip to the beach. I paddle out for an hour once or twice a week. Charging wave after wave usually ends up being one of my most intense workouts."
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natura culina carococo moisturizer

"As I get older, I notice the amount that I train in the sun makes a big difference in the way my skin looks. You have to protect the goods with sunscreen. My girlfriend makes this brand which focuses on natural, organic ingredients."
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rogue fitness e-sled

"My weight training sled is a staple during my beach workouts. You can stack plates (or your kids) on it and a 30-minute workout in the sand feels like a two-hour workout in the gym. Nothing makes me breathe as hard as the sled."
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second skin men's 2-in-1 stretch woven shorts

"The beach in Malibu is a great place to get in some HIIT sessions. I always pack workout apparel in my beach bag and these are my new favorite running shorts; they have muscle-zoning compression tech built in so they have an incredible feel of support."
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<i>easy strength </i> by pavel tsatsouline

"I'm a huge fan of strength training and constantly searching for new books on the subject. This one is a must-read for any athlete who is looking to reach their top potential."
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