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6 travel-friendly scents that don't require any spritzing

Solid fragrances are not new—Cleopatra was a fan of the wax- and oil-based scents that melt like butter on your skin. But they might be new to you; as solids regain popularity, both niche and mass-market labels are quickly producing more. And, while there isn’t anything wrong with your liquid scent, a solid does offer you a few conveniences that bottled perfume does not. Consider this: A solid scent, packed smartly into a compact case, pocket, or clutch, is travel-friendly. Plus, it won't spill and you can’t accidentally spray it in the wrong direction.

Just spread a sliver of wax between your finger and thumb, warming it up before applying it to the pulse points on your wrists and neck. Some men will rub a little in their mustache; the wax and oils double as a conditioner for whiskers. Here, six great options to try now.

le labo solid perfume bergamote 22

While Santal 33 is the brand's most famous scent, opt for Bergamote 22 to stand out from the pack. It’s a sweet blend of florals, grapefruit, amber, musk, vetiver, and of course, bergamot.
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tom ford black orchid solid perfume

Tom Ford fills a beautiful compact with his famously spicy scent for a glamorous, Old Hollywood feel.
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fulton & roark tybee solid cologne

Georgia’s Tybee Island was a popular vacation destination during the Industrial Revolution. Fulton & Roark’s pocket-perfect cologne is an homage to the island’s salty air, sunny days, and summer foliage.
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derek lam 10 crosby blackout perfume stick

This fragrance comes as a roll-on stick (kind of like lip balm). Florals and chai spice combine for a sensual first impression.
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elizabeth and james nirvana black solid perfume compact

This compact could hold court with Tom Ford’s; it even comes with a mirror. The violet, sandalwood, and vanilla blend rivals anything you could buy in a bottle.
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