The best workout socks

From cycling to running, there's an ideal choice for each sport.

"The right athletic sock helps wick moisture away from your feet and can work to prevent common problems like blisters and athlete’s foot," says Mark Klion, M.D., a New York-based orthopedic surgeon and medical director for the New York City Triathlon. From cushioned ones that help absorb your foot’s weight, to lycra versions, which might decrease vibration in the muscles, leading to less fatigue, here are socks to match your sport.

asics kayano socks

Best for: running, plyometrics, and HIIT training
Mesh material helps regulate your body temperature to keep your feet dry and cool, while high-density cushioning minimizes the impact.
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balega blister resist quarter socks

Best for: running, cycling, or hiking
A mix of wool and the company's proprietary moisture-wicking fabric work together to push sweat away from the skin, decreasing the chances of blisters.
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falke achilles men compression socks

Best for: running
Developed for athletes who have injured their Achilles tendon or need extra care in the area, this sock stimulates blood circulation, helping to reduce pain while on your feet.
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lululemon secret socks

Best for: yoga and barre
With slip-free grippers on the bottom, you won't lose your balance during class. Plus, the seamless construction at the toe reduces bulk.
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rapha aerodynamic cycling socks

Best for: cycling
This sock features vertical stripes that are said to assist your lower legs in cutting through wind on a bike, helping gain speed. They’re also coated with an antibacterial treatment to keep your feet clean inside your sweaty cycling shoes.
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2xu hyoptik compression socks

Best for: running
Reflective stripes make these a great choice for night runs, while compression engineering helps support both the calves and shins.
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