My healthy: Imbibery

The duo behind London's popular juicing company shares their wellness essentials.

When American expats Lily Rogath and Meryl Zises found they couldn't get a good green juice in London, they decided to take matters into their own hands. After experimenting with recipes in Zises' kitchen, the entrepreneurs founded Imbibery, which offers a variety of cold-pressed juices and customizable cleanses. "The name of our company is inspired by the word 'imbibe' which means to drink, but also to receive and absorb into the mind," says Rogath. "This holistic approach to health and wellness informs our brand and our lives." Here, the active, jet-setting pair share their must-haves.

on sneakers

"These slip-on sneakers with elastic laces are so comfortable. They are perfect for running around in all day," says Rogath.
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coconut oil

"We'll eat it raw or blend it into smoothies. It's also fantastic as a body oil to moisturize," says Zises.
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de mamiel altitude oil

"We're big fans of this all-natural skincare brand. We keep this oil on hand when traveling on planes and like to inhale a drop or two to help boost our immune systems," adds Rogath. (The blend is said to have antibacterial and antiviral properties.)
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dry brush

"We're big proponents of dry brushing for exfoliating and keeping the skin healthy," notes Zises.
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pana chocolate

"This is delicious vegan chocolate. The mint bar tastes like a peppermint patty," says Rogath.
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raw ecstasy

"This is our favorite activated nut brand to snack on," says Zises. (The nuts are long-soaked in water, then dehydrated, which preserves the nutrients while giving them a less bitter taste and makes them easier to digest). "I love the Wasabi Activated Walnuts and Lily chooses the Activated Almonds with Himalayan Salt."
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