Furthermore asks: Milos Raonic

The Canadian tennis star on training, nutrition, and long-distance travel.

At 6’ 5”, tennispro Milos Raonic towers over most opponents on the court. The 26-year-old New Balance-sponsored Canadian is ranked number three in the world and has a powerful (140 miles per hour) serve. He was also the first player from Canada to reach the men’s singles final of a Grand Slam. As Raonic prepares to take on the Miami Open, we caught up with him on how he trains to win.

Pre-match we'll find you:
Going through my routine then sitting in silence. I don’t listen to music before matches.

Go-to recovery techniques:
Cool down on a bike, eat a good meal, drink water, and relax. I’ve also tried cryotherapy.

Most surprising element of your training:
It's harder than tournaments; I’m out there eight hours or more a day when I’m training.

Dietary restrictions:
No gluten, no dairy, limited red meat and raw fish. Simple, healthy foods give better, sustained energy when I practice and play.

Out-of-the-box elements in your fitness program:
I wear a GPS tracking system when I practice that tracks how much I move and run during sessions.

Biggest game-changer in your regimen that produced results:
Not necessarily one thing, but the culmination of all of the elements has made a big improvement in my performance.

Greatest fitness feat:
Playing (and winning) five set matches.

How you make it through long-haul travel:
My phone. It lets me stay connected to family and friends and gives me interesting things to read.

If not tennis, what sport: