5 books high performers should read this month

From cookbooks to athlete memoirs and more

Being up to date on all things health and wellness is social and cultural currency these days. And while the internet is great, actual books are still a worthy pursuit. Tons of non-fiction comes out every month, though, and it can feel overwhelming to cut through the clutter. That’s why we’re starting the Furthermore book club. We’ll comb through some of the newest books and curate a list of five we think are worth reading each month, starting with March. From hot new cookbooks to memoirs, anything goes so long as it has a wellness thread.

the book: <i> a meatloaf in every oven </i>

By: Frank Bruni and Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times 
The Gist: 50 meatloaf recipes (plus a little history) that illustrate how food is cross-cultural. From vegetarian loafs to cultural interpretations like South African bobotie, Italian polpettone, and Middle Eastern kibbe, this book “is intended to help people re-think the traditional comfort food.” Recipes are from chefs including Mario Batali, Mike Solomonov, Daniel Patterson, April Bloomfield, Bobby Flay, and more.
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the book: <i>one part plant: a simple guide to eating real, one meal at a time </i>

By: Jessica Murnane
The Gist: If you’re not looking to overhaul your nutrition, but rather make small, lasting and meaningful changes, this book is a great place to start. Murnane discusses how she reduced her endometriosis symptoms through a clean, plant-based diet and shares the fundamentals of how to try it yourself. Butternut Squash and Lentil Tacos and Blueberry Skillet Cobbler are two of the 100 recipes inside.
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the book: <i>like father, like son: my story on running, coaching and parenting</i>

By Matt Centrowitz
The Gist: Two-time Olympian and current American University track coach Matt Centrowitz reflects on his days on the track and fatherhood. His son, Matthew, is also an Olympian—he won gold in the 1,500-meter race in Rio. #goodgenes
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the book: <i>the champion mindset: an athlete’s guide to mental toughness </i>

By: Joanna Geiger, Ph.D.
The gist: Olympian and 70.3 world champion (not to mention a Ph.D. in Genetic Epidemiology) Joanna Zeiger shares tips on proper goal setting, improving motivation, self-confidence, and mind-body cohesion. As they say, the fitness battle is as much mental as it is physical...
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the book: <i>stretch: unlock the power of less </i>

By: Scott Sonenshein
The Gist: Stop trying so hard. That’s the message from psychology and management expert Scott Sonenshein. In his book, he provides scientific proof that sometimes less is more when it comes to your career, your workout, and beyond. 
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