Best of Furthermore: partner workouts

Get those endorphins flowing at the gym with some assistance.

The benefits of working out with a partner are many. For starters, people who exercise with someone else—whether it’s a friend or spouse—simply enjoy it more, per a University of California study. What's more, if you’re competitive (in a good-natured way, of course) you’ll push each other to work harder. And, you have a built-in spotter and form-checker.

Here, some routines designed with couples in mind. Plus, a few “couple” workouts for solo exercisers and the ultimate post-workout rubdown techniques.

the total-body paralette bar workout

Couple Chris Chang, a Tier 3 trainer, and yoga instructor Serena Tom demonstrate a challenging flow-like routine.
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the acro partner yoga workout

Yoga instructors (and couple) Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein show how you can take the practice—and your relationship—to the next level.
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the power couple part i: vipr workout

Real-life couple Tier 3+ trainer Maria Callanta and Tier X coach Dennis Codrington show you how to use this innovative, effective tool.
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the power couple part ii: kettlebell workout

Callanta and Codrington show how kettlebells can build strength, power, conditioning, mobility, flexibility, and yes, fat loss too.
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the balanced body: movement pairs

If you prefer to work out solo, celebrate V-day with these exercise “couples:” Four movement pairs that work better when combined.
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post-workout recovery massage

The best way to come down off an exercise high: with a rubdown. Get some inspiration from this video.
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