Q&A: Julianne Hough

The dancer/actress/activist/singer/designer on moving beyond—literally

In April, Julianne Hough will hit the road again with her brother, Derek, for their MOVE Beyond tour. “We really are going beyond: beyond what we’ve done in our past tours, beyond our own limitations and expectations, and hopefully bringing the audience to a place they’ve never been before,” says Hough. While preparing and training for the tour, Hough designed a new spring line for the Julianne Hough Collection for MPG Sport. Meanwhile, the star runs her blog, where she shares healthy (and delicious) recipes, style and home décor tips (just another of her many hobbies) and more. Here, she talks about the upcoming tour, workouts, hobbies—and how to give back through a simple act of kindness.

What are you most excited about for your upcoming tour?

I’m excited for everything: to be in that creative process again with Derek and Nappytabs [choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo], to feel the energy of the audience every show night, and to reconnect with the fans. MOVE Beyond will have all new concepts, choreography, a brand new stage, and we’ll be using more props to create a specific world for each act.

What is your workout routine like leading up to the tour?

I like taking classes like Body By Simone, Anna Kaiser, my own dance cardio, Tracy Anderson, SoulCycle, and CorePower Yoga. Although this is my workout routine year-round, when we’re gearing up for tour, I give extra attention to strengthening my neck and shoulders due to a reoccurring neck injury. I recently found the Human Garage which has transformed my posture and realignment for peak performance, and I continue to work with Dr. Carrie Schwartz, who was our chiropractor on our second tour. I find that using preventive measures such as these will keep me in my best physical shape!

On your blog, you curate healthy recipes. What are your favorite things to cook?

I love cooking a variety of proteins and veggies. If I'm baking or sautéing vegetables, I find that less is more. A little bit of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper is all I ever need! For chicken or white fish, I’ll do slices of lemon and fresh parsley. To find the balance of a meal that is delicious but also healthy, I love finding recipes that use proteins and veggies in a fun and different way.

Do you follow any specific diet regulations? 

My motto is: “Everything in Moderation.” I definitely have a sweet tooth and a love for Italian cuisine, but I find the balance between treating myself a couple of times a week and maintaining a clean diet the majority of the time.

Any healthy home-making tips you can share?

My advice would be to figure out how you want to feel when you’re home, and how you want your guests to feel. Do you want it to feel peaceful, fun, cozy? For me personally, I wanted my home to feel grounded, open, cozy, and inviting. I’m a big fan of greenery, so I have a few trees throughout my home because the colors really brighten up the space.

Any post-dance or workout beauty secrets you can share? 

I like to use the Proactiv Clear Zone Body Pads before hopping in the shower. I also drinks tons and tons of water because I sweat so much.

Tell us about your new collection: Any specific design details that you love or that make it unique? 

Apart from having all new styles and pops of color, the line has quick-dry mesh ventilation that makes it extremely comfortable, and waterproof protection in its fabric. I’m not going to lie, I sweat quite a bit so this is perfect for me. All of the leggings sculpt the midsections and thighs too, which leaves me feeling sexy and comfortable in my own skin. I love layering pieces from the collection when going to and from the studio.

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