The 3 trips you need to take in 2017

Each year you need adventure, transformation, and renewal according to the experts at Indagare.

Sometimes you crave an adventurous vacationthat involves thrilling activities and getting outside of your comfort zone. Other times, you may be itching for a trip that’s going to utterly transform your outlook on life via exposure to a new culture or event (think: a karma-cleansing ceremony.) And then, when you just need to disconnect or reset, you may seek out a more healing getaway focused on renewal.

The experts at Indagare, a membership-based travel company that specializes in bespoke, luxury experiences around the world, say we should book trips for these three reasons—adventure, transformation, and renewal—in order to truly reap all the rewards that traveling has to offer us in body, mind, and spirit.

Of course, there are many destinations that fit the bill for each of these themes, but the Indagare pros have highlighted three locations that are particularly attuned to whole-self wellness. In our three-part series, we provide all the intel you need to travel for any reason.

Week 1:Travel for… Adventure in Chilean Patagonia

Go glacier trekking, horseback riding, or hiking in the Torres del Paine National Park where you’ll have never-ending Instagram opportunities amongst the jagged peaks and opaque blue ice fields.

Week 2: Travel for… Transformation in Indonesia

From sunrise yoga to scuba diving to ancient rituals, find out how a trip to this incredible land will transform your body and mind.

Week 3: Travel for… Renewal in the American Southwest

Cell service is not a guarantee in this desolate land known for healing ailments inside and out. You won’t miss it in the least.