What we read: Obama's got game

Plus, athletes' motivational sayings and pondering the afterlife.

From shooting hoops on the campaign trail to facing off with NBA stars, one thing is clear: Obama was the best basketball-playing President we've ever had.
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Should you question the afterlife? Science shows that thinking about death might actually help us live longer.
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"Wouldn’t it be great if we could train our bodies to need less sleep? It is possible, some research has found. But it won’t work for everyone."
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While women are getting ready to descend on D.C. for tomorrow's march, some are taking steps to get there in a more literal sense—lacing up and running to the capital from New York in a 240-mile relay.
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8 elite athletes share the personal mantras they use for competition prep, proving it's just as much about the mental game.
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Foraging for seaweed is a thing. Plus, it's sustainable and you're less likely to pick a poisonous variety (looking at you, mushrooms).
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Practice indulgent nourishment

"Cooking is one of the best things you can do for your health.”

Worldly fitness feat: R2R2R

Could you survive this Grand Canyon traverse?