What fit people eat (at holidays)

Hint: they make strategic choices.

Keeping up is par for the course in both work and working out. And that means food is fuel. So how do some of the buzziest names in today’s culinary, health, and wellness world feed themselves during the holidays? In our third installment of What Fit People Eat, we caught up with five folks who juggle lifestyle brands, activewear meccas, healthy restaurants, and more, with a commitment to a high-performance life. Here are the foods that carry them through the holiday season.

grain bowls and kombucha

"I love starting the day with a grain bowl that includes seasonal vegetables, a soft-boiled egg, and tomato and apricot relish with a super seed crunch. I also have a morning bottle of kombucha. I drink the multi-green with chia seeds, which I drop in the night before so that they can soak. It’s quick, easy and gives you an early morning boost. If I’m traveling, finding an avocado with some sea salt and evoo is fairly easy no matter where you are." —Adam Eskin, founder & CEO of Dig Inn
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salads and lemon water

"The holiday season is extremely busy for the retail industry, so I’m constantly working late nights, going to parties, and traveling between our five stores. I opt for food and beverage choices that are healthy and convenient. I make a point to eat one salad every day. No matter where I go, salad is usually a menu option, and by committing to one salad a day, I know that I’m getting my daily dose of greens. During the holidays, I’m also extremely conscious of water intake. I start every morning by drinking warm water with lemon, which is detoxifying and energizing."—Jennifer Bandier, president of BANDIER
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pumpkin & squash

“I love pumpkin and yams. I make a raw vegan pumpkin tart and pumpkin stew with greens. I just sautéed a bunch of collard green ribbons. It’s so important to remember that what you eat becomes your blood, your thoughts, and your actions, so be mindful.”—Latham Thomas, entrepreneur and founder of Mama Glow
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roasted root vegetables and coffee

“During the holidays, I balance my mom’s Christmas cookies with lots of veggie dishes, like roasted root vegetables. I’m not afraid to eat what I want, when I want it. I try to listen to my body. I believe our bodies guide us to ‘everything in moderation.’ The one thing I can’t do without is coffee. I’ll go out of my way for the perfect cup.”—Patrick Janelle, creative director and entrepreneur
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roasted chicken and sides

“I love to meal prep on Sundays so that I don't have to think about my lunch during the week. Roasted chicken goes a long way for me, and I always do some sort of quinoa salad or lentils on the side. With the holidays, it's so easy to fall into those party foods. I try to eat clean during the week so that when the holiday parties come, I can indulge without feeling too guilty.”—Tess Adams, owner of Take Care spa
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