Get party-ready in the locker room

Three looks that will transition you from class to cocktails

The thought of transitioning from a workout to the holiday party circuit can be enough to make even fit bodies skip exercise in lieu of primping and priming. It comes down to strategy: After all, it is possible to sneak in a workout and perfect an effortlessly fresh faced look before leaving the gym. You just need to pack the right beauty products and stick to a game plan.

The key is to focus on one feature and play up on it. Here, three expert-approved looks you can craft in the locker room.

1) Feline Eyes:A classic cat eye goes with any outfit and elevates your look no matter the soirée.

Complete the look: Tamah Krinsky, a celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles, favors a pen liner (like Surrato’s auto-graphic eyeliner), which is easy to use and glides on dark. “Follow your lash line and let the pen glide along, slightly overdrawing the line to the outer corners,” she says. If you feel unsteady, a straight edge (such as a business card) can help extend the line seamlessly to the outer corners. Krinsky likes to clean up the line with makeup remover swabs (like Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks). Keep the rest of your face minimalist: two coats of mascara to the top lashes, tinted brow gel, and a tinted lip balm.

2) Bold Lips and Fresh Skin:A vibrant-hued lip is an easy way to add in a dose of glam. Your lip doesn’t have to be red, either: Try raspberry, fuchsia, deep wine, and Bordeaux hues for a fun party look, suggests Boston-based makeup artist Dani Wagener.

Complete the look:Lightly scrub your lips with a damp washcloth to create a smooth base. You’ll want a creamy formula (like NARS’ audacious lipstick) to help keep your lips hydrated. Krinsky says to apply lipstick in the center of your bottom lip and gently press your lips together to start distributing the pigment. Continue this until the color is spread evenly between your lips and you get the intensity you desire. For more pop, Wagener suggests adding a dab of the same lipstick to the apples of your cheeks for a subtle flushed look. A little bit of highlighter on your cheekbones and a swipe of mascara to your top lashes will complete your look and keep it fresh.

3) Smoky Eyes:Sultry, smoky eyes are perfect for any holiday gathering. “Espresso, bronze, gold, and pewter shades all work well to create a quick, easy smoky eye,” says Wagener. She also advises skipping matte shades in favor of one with a bit of texture, which makes the product easier to blend.

Complete the look:Krinsky recommends a dual-sided product (try Surratt Beauty’s smokey eye baton), which features a liner and shadow in the same color; or pick a dual-sided product that is close to the same color. “Use the liner side first to define your lash line, then use the shadow side to blend and smoke the color out,” says Krinsky. Blend with your fingers. For a bold look, apply shadow to the bottom of your lash lines and blend. Complete the look with bronzer on your cheeks and temples for a bit of a glow and a neutral lip.