What fit people eat part 2

More influencers share healthy eating ideas.

Keeping up is par of the course in both workand working out. And that means food is fuel. So how de some of the buzziest names in today's culinary, health, and sports world feed themselves? In our second installment of What Fit People Eat, we caught up with five folks who juggle fitness gigs, modeling careers, executive chef positions, and more, with a commitment to a high-performance life. Here are the foods that carry them through the week.

bone broth soups and stews

“When I’m at home, it really comes down to being smart about my time and making healthy choices with food that’s tasty and packed with nutritional value. Lately we’ve been making soups and homemade stews with bone both. Bone broth is packed with collagen and vitamins, which is why I love it. You can cook chicken or vegetables with bone broth. It has this wonderful hearty flavor.”—Karolina Kurkova, super model and mom


I’m always eating bread—any kind of bread—and some kind of protein like chicken. Bread is a great source of energy for me because of the carbs. I’ll eat it before a game. It’s a comfort food for me. It’s easy to find anywhere I go, especially when I’m traveling a lot.—Steven Mendoza, a midfielder and forward for New York City Football Club

green veggies

“I really love green vegetables, so I end up eating a lot of anything green that is in season—chard, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy. I find that I crave greens, and if I don't get enough vegetables, I end up drinking a green juice. As I age, I find that I eat simply and pay better attention to where everything is coming from.”—Soa Davies, executive chef at Maple Food Co.

tocos vitamin latte and pirate’s booty

“I’m really digging the Tocos vitamin latte for breakfast. My friends introduced me to it and apart from being delicious, I’m pretty sure it gives me Energizer Bunny vibes that last all day. A bag of Pirate’s Booty also usually ends up in my hands at some point and then doesn’t leave my side. Love that crunch! They’re both super easy and delicious. One is healthy and one is healthy-ish. Win-win.”—Tyler Haney, CEO and founder of Outdoor Voices