The 411 on eyebrow health

Plus the products you should have in your brow arsenal

While athletes and other active people might have to think about their haircare differently, the rules of eyebrow health are generally the same for everyone. And the number one rule is stay mostly away from the tweezers. “The best way to keep your brows healthy and growing is to avoid trauma to the follicles,” says dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Bordone of Columbia University Medical Center in NYC. “Avoid plucking, pulling, or rubbing aggressively. With repeated trauma, the hair will stop growing, and eventually eyebrows remain sparse.” She also adds that thinned eyebrows do few favors in the anti-aging department, either: “Thicker eyebrows [give a more] youthful appearance, and anemic-appearing eyebrows age your face.”

But if you are trying to get your brows to Delevingne-status, here are the products that'll help with nourishment, growth stimulation and volume:

“Latisse is the only thing I have found to help some patients re-grow their eyebrows,” says Bordone. “The prescription doesn't work for everyone but in most patients at least some improvement is noticed after several months of use.”

Anastasia Brow Kit
“These kits have been helpful when patients need to camouflage thin eyebrows and give them a false appearance of fullness,” says Bordone.

cocokind Organic Full Brow Balm
If you’d rather not wear makeup on your brows (especially at places like the gym), this lightly-tinted balm stimulates circulation and growth, while delivering antioxidants and soothing natural oils to the hairs and the skin beneath.

Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum
This serum features a fortifying blend of natural botanical oils and antioxidants that help strengthen the brows (and eventually, thickens them).