6 must-have travel apps

From booking travel to finding things to do once you get there, your next trip is about to get even easier.

It wasn't so long ago that booking an amazing vacation involved relying on a trusted travel agent, plenty of research, and the most up-to-date guidebooks possible. But as the way we take trips evolved, so has the way we book travel. According to Ian Naylor, CEO at AppInstitute, “More and more people are relying on apps to aid their holiday experiences, whether that’s to help them discover places to visit or just find their way around." Data from Flurry, the mobile analytic company, shows that 90 percent of our mobile Internet time is spent in apps, with 6,711 travel apps being downloaded every minute. Naylor says this is because apps provide a better user experience.

Since a whole trip can be planned with little more than a swipe of your finger these days, it's important to stay on top of the latest app offerings. Whether you’re a frequent flier, luxury traveler, or spur-of-the-moment thrill seeker, these new apps will make it even easier to explore the world.


It’s hard to get the whole picture of a restaurant or hotel on rating sites that allow businesses to pay extra to have only the good reviews show up first. Instead, ask your friends—and nearby influencers—via this app. Spot’s users give recommendations on the best places in every city, making your stay an experience you can trust. You can also create lists within the app to use as an itinerary.
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If flying the friendly skies isn't your idea of fun, this one is for you. Created by Alex Gervash, an aviation expert who conducts courses to overcome the fear of flying, MySkyGuru provides real-time information on what to expect during your flight (such as any turbulence on the flight pattern) and why. It’s part science lesson, part anxiety-reliever.
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When you need to master a few key phrases for an upcoming jaunt, this app eases that pain. With flashcards and competitions, Memrise turns learning a little bit of a language into a game. The prize is, of course, being able to confidently ask where the bathroom is in any given country.
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Every airline and hotel chain has an app now, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to use or even remotely organized. Enter Tripcase, which derails mishaps by arranging by trip, not by reservation. So information and confirmation numbers for flights, hotels, car rentals and everything else you need to keep track can be found in one place.
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If you love having a digital assistant, a la Siri or Alexa, this app can act like your virtual travel agent. Using a Facebook Messenger-esque interface, tell Lola what you’re looking for (a four-star hotel in New York, first-class tickets to Seoul), and, using both automated services and real-life booking agents, she’ll get you what you need. The app is invite-only for now, but it’s expected to be open to all users soon.
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Kitschy postcards are fun, but TouchNote gives you one better: Upload a shot that you’ve taken during your trip, and it'll convert it into a postcard and send it to the recipient of your choice, postage included. It’s a much more personalized way to make your loved ones back home feel like they’re on the Seine with you.
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