The power of one

Give yourself a short to-do list.

Numbers tend to get complex. If you have a journal full of digits and aren't making any progress, Michael Ryan, a New York City-based Tier X coach, suggests you simplify things. For more of the numbers that really matter, click here.

As coaches, our responsibility is to take a person from where they are to where they want to be, also known as their outcome-based goal. Outcomes are a result of a processes which are established through one behavior at a time. Own that one behavior to create progressive, sustainable processes leading to improved health. Successful coaching begins with '1.'

For instance, if someone asks me how to lose weight, I provide to them one simple piece of advice: lower their sugar intake, for example. Just one behavior. Or you can focus on movement, changing one behavior, such as committing to doing a long, slow distance cardiovascular workout three days a week. For regeneration, focus on setting a nightly bedtime, the point which it's light's out (especially no television).

When the one behavior is sustained, add another, which builds upon the original. The goal is to align new behaviors and encourage sustainability.