Furthermore asks: Ndamukong Suh

Everyone's got an opinion on the defensive tackle for the Dolphins. What does he have to say?

Ndamukong Suh is not a subtle man. At six-foot-four, 305-pounds, the physical presence of the defensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins doesn’t allow for subtlety. And if anything, the 29-year-old has leaned in to his profile (the word “beast” is bandied about when Suh is brought up in conversation). We’re not here to adjudicate his on-field performance. The numbers speak for themselves, anyway: Going into his seventh pro season, he’s amassed 42 sacks and 219 tackles—all the while imparting a dose of agita among the opposing football team. Given the opportunity, we wanted to know more about the man behind the ferocious mug. Here, Suh gives us a glimpse into his life off-the-field via the Furthermore Questionnaire:

What’s your typical workout?

My workouts depend on the time of the year. The focus can range from building my strength, quickness and agility; to muscle recovery workouts; to season prep push and in-season body maintenance. Heavy weight lifting—short, intense workouts—and joint-friendly cardio via Keiser bikes and treadmills. In-season, a lot has to do with maintaining health and strength as I get a lot my conditioning done within practice as well as games. All are important but can be very different.

Current fitness goal?

Staying healthy and in shape while turning the table on football conditioning. Also, I always want to have a 4-pack with low percentage of body fat (14 percent or lower). Active recovery is important—I live in the cryotherapy chamber.

Go-to healthy meal?

My healthy meal of choice usually consists of some sort of chicken or fish with lots of vegetables, good starch and water or unsweetened tea for flavor.

Favorite decadent meal?

I love Mexican food, so chimichanga along with a quesadilla for starters. And drinking an ice-cold San Pellegrino (prickly pear flavor).

Favorite vacation?

Costa Rica—had a blast. As well as trips to Belgium and Monaco.

Preferred way to relax?

Sitting in my NormaTec [recovery compression leg sleeves] on the couch watching TV or sports, depending on time of year.

Most extravagant item on your shopping list?

Not sure how to best answer this question, but if I understand correctly, my biggest shopping list item is buying stock on the stock market. I like things like Exchange Traded Funds, but I’m also open to things related to younger Berkshire A shares.

Book currently on your bedside table:

Shoe Dogby Phil Knight, Outliersby Malcolm Gladwell and blueprints!!! I got my degree in engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and I'm always studying blueprints for various buildings I'm working on or interested in.

What or who motivates you?

I'm a very self-motivated person, but also I draw inspiration and motivation from life goals and proving folks wrong. Also by creating opportunities for post-football life in the business world.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Be patient and focus on understanding how you want to succeed before proceeding forward.

Fitness vocab: ape index

Your training should depend in part on this measurement.

Worldly fitness feat: rowing across the Drake Passage

"Waves crashed over the boat, and the water was barely above freezing."