The world's most scenic tennis courts

Get ready for a serious case of wanderlust after looking at this court porn.

For tennis fanatics—and you know who you are—it would be unthinkable to vacation at a place that didn't offer a refuge of clay, grass or Har-Tru. For instance, yachters in the British Virgin Islands who miss the smell of a new can of tennis balls make it a point to anchor at Oil Nut Bay, in part, to use the courts. Just as golfers take destination trips for a few rounds on a faraway course, so too can die-hard tennis players make it a point for some serve-and-volley at some of the most beautiful locales in the world. Here are six:

oil nut bay, virgin gorda, british virgin islands

A constant Caribbean breeze may be your biggest competition on the two recently upgraded synthetic grass courts at this luxe island retreat. It's accessible only by helicopter or ferry (or aforementioned yacht). Seems like a small sacrifice, no?
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honeystone manor, cotswolds, uk

No English country manor is complete without a lawn tennis court (after all, the modern racket was first patented by a Briton in 1874). Located 90 minutes from London, the court has a small seating area if you and your mates want to evoke the Wimbledon finals.
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poseidon of paros, paros island, greece

If you're playing on these courts that abut the Aegean, it's probably better to book time in the afternoon. That way you won't be staring into both the sea and sun on service.
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ibiza rocks house at pikes, sant antoni, spain

You're not going to find a typical tennis court on an island best known for its party vibes. So the guests at this 25-room boutique hotel play matches on a court made up of a fluorescent pink and neon green surface and surrounded by the countryside of Ibiza.
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il san pietro di positano, italy

This luxury hotel, built on a rock on the Amalfi Coast, is a big draw for tennis fans and pros like Maria Sharapova and Diego Nargiso. Its court is nestled between towering limestone formations and cinematic ocean views—which can also be enjoyed from the hotel's nearby wine bar and restaurant, in case you're focusing too much on your game to appreciate your surroundings.
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el paraíso alto villa, costa del sol, spain

This glamorous Spanish villa is notable for once having been owned by Prince. The 7,535-square-foot six-bedroom features many amenities, including a cozy court with views of the nearby hills of El Paraiso. And although the court isn't open to the public, the property is currently for sale so— for the price of around $5.5 million—you can vacation and play tennis like Prince once did.
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