My picnic party: Jessica Murnane

The chef and podcaster tells us what to toss in your tote (as well as the tote).

There are two main reasons people turn to Jessica Murnane: for a catalog of delicious (and photogenic) plant-based recipes that she designs, and to listen to the podcasts she produces with dozens of tastemakers in the world of cooking, nutrition, lifestyle and more. Plus, her taste is aces. She's coming out with her first cookbook, One Part Plant, in Spring 2017. But for now, in the spirit of summertime, we asked her how she plans a terrific picnic.

on the menu

"I'm bringing all the snacks! I always think it feels awkward trying to serve a proper meal sitting on the ground. So I prepare things that don't really require utensils. Definitely bringing my chocolate chip cookies, some buffalo hummus and veggies, some za'atar bread, and some sort of chip-and-dip situation. It all goes in a Proud Mary tote. I'd like to have their Simple Tote in every color. So maybe the blue one for drinks, the red one for food, the black one...just because I want it."

what we're drinking

"For my buds who drink, I'd make them some Mezcal Palomas (a little LaCroix Pamplemousse, mezcal, fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice, and a little pure maple syrup or honey to sweeten them). For those who don't, I'd bring KeVita Mojita Lime Mint Coconut. I'm having a probiotic love affair with that drink right now."

the location

"I just moved down South (Charleston) last fall and I can't get enough of all the trees, nature, and getting to be outside all year round. It's a big departure from my days in Chicago. I pick a big ol' tree to sit under or take a day trip down to Savannah. But the mosquitos can be fierce, so I always bring this insanely effective, all-natural bug repellent/cologne by Remix By Giselle Wasfie called WEED. I took it on a very buggy trip to Honduras and didn't get bitten once. It's worth every penny and has great packaging, too."

what we're listening to

"I'm playing a lot of Drake. Lots of CAN. Just lots of beats. And during setup and cleanup I throw on a podcast; I'm a diehard Jalen & Jacoby fan. Always fun and always bringing the beats."