Unzipped: Heng Ou

The author and founder of MotherBees opens up her gym bag.

In her just-released book, The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother,author Heng Ou supplies recipes and advice for brand new moms. Prior to writing the book, Ou founded MotherBees, a food and lifestyle company that caters to the needs of mothers during their first few weeks with a new baby. And when she can, the busy mom of three makes room in her schedule for fitness. "Strategic workouts help me clear my head and keep my MotherBees to-do lists buzzing along," she says. "I'm partial to a vigorous vinyasa yoga class but I can also be found hiking in the canyons around my LA neighborhood, doing some light strength training, or taking the occasional belly dancing class." Here, the staples that keep her going:

thermoflask, $35

"This travels with me everywhere. I keep it filled with Raspberry Leaf and Red Clover Blossom tea which I sip throughout the day—it’s excellent warm or room temperature."
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siddha female balance supplement, $13

"Homeopathic remedies are my standard treatment for any bumps, bites, or colds that my kids bring home. To keep my own body and mind balanced and at ease, I keep Siddha’s Female Balance and Stress Release formulas at the ready."
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manduka yoga mat, $80

"I’ve been practicing yoga for 12 years and am convinced that Manduka makes the finest yoga mats. Their unique rubber composition makes them truly non-slip and their colors are irresistible. Burnt Orange adds a pop of color to the sweatiest class."
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lululemon urban warrior duffel, $148

"Where does all this gear live when I’m on the go? In my black Lululemon Urban Warrior Duffel. I love bags that are practical and fashionable and this satchel hits it on all levels. It’s roomy, easy to wash, and has a clever system for carrying a yoga mat. Plus, it makes an excellent overnight bag for short trips."
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egyptian magic all-purpose skin cream, $37

"This cream is my secret anti-aging weapon. Packed with pretty much every good thing a bee can do—beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis, with some olive oil to hold it all together. It's very versatile; I put it on my face, elbows, the back of my arms—anywhere prone to extreme dryness."
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havaianas slim flip flops, $26

"My daily LA uniform has me in a pair of Havaianas. I've been sporting them for years and have finally learned to buy them in bulk as I wear through them every few months. I also keep a pair stashed in my yoga bag for the shower room."
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mediterra orange & honey energy bar, $24 for 12

"When I need some fuel pre-workout, I grab one of these bars. I love that they have just four ingredients and that they’re built around the sesame seed."
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