My healthy: Laura Prepon

The 'Orange Is The New Black' actress and cookbook author on the essentials that keep her going.

Between starring roles on That '70s Show and Orange Is The New Black, Laura Prepon has been a fixture on the small screen for many years. But now the actress would like to be a regular in your kitchen. Earlier this week, Prepon released The Stash Plan, a wellness cookbook she co-wrote with nutritionist Elizabeth Troy. The book details Prepon's struggles with weight gain, digestive issues, and low energy—and the nutrition and lifestyle plan that helped her find success. The key is Prepon's meal-planning (hence, the name of the book) via twice-weekly cooking sessions and a heavy supply of bone broth. In addition to the food that keeps her healthy, here are the items Prepon relies on to maintain a high-performance lifestyle.

manduka pro yoga mat

"A great yoga mat is key for stretching and yoga. This one is long enough so I won’t be over the edges during yoga practice—and great for folding up to cushion my knees when stretching."
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bellicon rebounder

"I love this rebounder. You feel like you’re bouncing on a cloud. I use it to help flush my lymphatic system."
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ipod shuffle

"My friends make fun of me because I still use my iPod Shuffle...haha! But I love this thing. I don’t like having a bulgy iPhone to carry around or put in my pocket when I'm at the gym. I get 10 hours of music and it's great for working out."
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cuisinart slow cooker

"I love my slow cooker. When I get home to L.A., the first thing I do is get a bone broth cooking. This is an essential part of my lifestyle. I always have a broth in my fridge and my slow cooker is the key to that."
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vitamix 59484 pro 500 high-performance blender

"I love this blender for soups and smoothies. It's so easy and you feel like a professional chef when you use it. I’ll take the broth I’ve made in my slow cooker and throw it in my Vitamix with steamed butternut squash or other veggies and make yummy pureed soups. Or I'll throw in a bunch of raw fruit, ice, yogurt and blend up a great smoothie."
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lululemon wunder under crop iii

"I live in these. They hold you in all the right places and I’ve found that they accommodate me well on all of my different types of workouts."
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"Massages are so important to flushing toxins and getting the lymphatic system moving. I love a really deep massage and working the muscles."

dead sea clay mask by aspen kay naturals

"This is a wonderful mask that helps pull toxins out of the skin. It also shrinks the pores and doubles as an exfoliator. It can be used on the face and body."
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roots of fight t-shirts

"I wear Roots of Fight not only when I work out, but also in my daily life. Their clothes are as cool as they are comfortable!"
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life factory glass water bottle

"I think it's really important to use glass for storing food, as well as drinking out of, to limit chemical absorption. Also, if you happen to drop it, the rubber casing usually prevents breakage."
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