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It's the Oscars pre-game treatment celebs are hooking into.

How do savvy stars stay both radiant and energetic throughout awards season? Two letters: IV. The latest trend in facials involves the addition of a vitamin IV to an already pampering treatment. And it may be the perfect pairing. Like skin treatments, vitamin drips are deeply hydrating. They can fight fatigue, strengthen the immune system, and correct micronutrient imbalances (all reasons why athletes often do nutrient-rich IVs before games).

“Vitamin IVs have been around for a while but they’ve become really popular because people see it as another way of taking care of their health,” says nurse and aesthetician Natalie Aguilar, co-founder of Afterglow Beverly Hills. “And when you combine one with a facial, it offers a real hydrating boost before big events.” In addition to boosting stamina and immunity (think of all the cheek kissing and hand shaking that goes on), it can heighten the glow of the skin.

IV facials can offer that extra edge, whether you’re prepping to walk the red carpet or just in need of a boost. “The IV provides great endurance and effects that last about 72 hours,” says nurse and aesthetician Carrie Gessler of Leif Rogers, MD. She approaches the celebrities she treats much like the athletes. “They do a lot of working out leading up to the Oscars and everyone’s skin is dry at this time of year, so we focus on really rehydrating for those high-def cameras on the red carpet.”

Want to give it a try? These Hollywood treatments can help you rejuvenate—inside and out:

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Aguilar kicks off the pampering with a gem peel (gentle microdermabrasion) to provide “a clean slate” before using the Venus Legacy, which emits radiofrequency (RF) energy, to temporarily tighten the skin and gradually increase collagen. A customized mix of deep-penetrating masks and serums finishes things off. “I often use Vitamin C, arnica as an anti-inflammatory, some peptides and hyaluronic acid, and a special 100% collagen serum. It’s activated with water and micronized so it can instantly penetrate and plump,” she says. With zero post-facial redness, celebs can go straight to the makeup chair. For the IV, Aguilar relies on a special saline solution that’s free of sodium chloride, to hydrate without the risk of puffiness. “That’s important, especially if you’re wearing a fitted gown,” she says. “Our blend includes all the essential nutrients—vitamins A, D, E, K, and C, plus the Bs. But vitamin C is the powerhouse. Topically and internally, it really brightens the skin and boosts the glow.”
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Like other pre-event treatments, the focus here is on a gentle experience: Cleansing but no mechanical buffing (to avoid irritation) and a variety of brightening and replenishing serums. “The molecules in the serums we use are super tiny and the oxygen stream helps push them into the skin. It feels very calming and cooling and we really follow the muscles of the face, stimulating them, so the result is a relaxed, lifted look. Everything is plump and hydrated down to the lips,” says Gessler. A necessary Oscar add-on: A temporary eyelift courtesy of the Venus Legacy, which stimulates collagen with RF energy while magnets in the special hand-piece help eliminate puff and dark shadows. The standard IV (a Meyer’s Cocktail of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin C) often gets tweaked according to client needs. “We’ll add or remove vitamins,” says Gessler. “For instance, antioxidant glutathione is a great ‘pre-game’ addition, before a big night, but if we add that we may pull vitamin C as they can cancel each other out.”
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“We’re not trying to fix any issues with the skin before the Oscars, correcting would be done weeks beforehand so this facial is about calming, soothing, and plumping. We want them to leave relaxed and ready to glow all night,” says aesthetician Maya Zeineddine, who uses the gentle HydraFacial machine throughout the treatment. Three different serums are layered on from forehead to décolleté. The key ingredients: moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, reparative peptides and growth factors, and nourishing beta glucan from oats, which is ideal for dry, sensitive skin. Nurse Joy Edwards administers the IV, customizing to enhance energy (B vitamins) or immunity (vitamin C). “But most often they want the whole cocktail because they’re stressed and constantly running around,” says Zeineddine. “It boosts the glow and leaves them feeling energized without feeling over-caffeinated.”
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Getting rid of daily buildup—the goal here—leaves a smooth canvas for makeup. The fruit acids (lemon, pineapple, grape, passion fruit) found in Nurse Jamie's Dermalase AHA Exfoliating Mask gently peel away and prep skin so moisture in the HydraTight Hydrating Mask can penetrate before a finale of LED light therapy goes to work fighting inflammation and increasing firmness. “I do approximately 10 of these a day leading up to the Oscars,” says aesthetician Jamie Sherrill, known as Nurse Jamie, founder of the brand and owner of Beauty Park. “We work in teams with a nurse doing the IV or injection and we always ask the celeb if they know what they’re wearing. Since they often wear strapless, we may add on a tightening laser for the neck, back of the arms, or what I call ‘spillage’ in the bra area. This year there are lots of cutouts and high slits.”
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