Fashion Week's fittest looks

The designer clothes that'll show off your abs, calves, biceps, and more this fall.

Last night's Marc Jacobs show (complete with a Lady Gaga cameo on the runway) marked the completion of this season's New York Fashion Week. Headlines from the week included Kanye's Yeezy spectacle at Madison Square Garden, bundled up fashion folk braving the frigid temps as they scurried (hopefully packed with snacks) from show to show, and, of course, the clothes we'll be wearing come fall. We purveyed the collections and found some standout looks (from practical to over-the-top) that best flatter specific fit body parts.


Crop tops aren't going away any time soon, and Vera Wang's take on the trend skews conservative, with just enough tummy peeking through.


Yes, a heavy-knit turtleneck sweater isn't too difficult of a look to pull off—but it works much better when worn over defined, pumped up pecs.


Many of the standouts—like this one—in Ohne Titel's fall '16 collection featured pieces made with the help of 3D printing technology. The designs also happen to showcase strong arms.


This designer's fall 2016 line finds inspiration in jazz record label Blue Note and a time when short-sleeve knits hugged biceps and tailored, fitted clothes ruled.


This designer duo showcased cling ribbed knit dresses accentuated with criss-crossing straps around the waist that show off a trim waist. The deep scoop neck also presents an opportunity to show off strong shoulders.


Rihanna's Japanese street-meets-goth-meets-sport collab with Puma features plenty of body baring looks. The designer reportedly described the collection by saying “If the Addams Family went to the gym, this is what they would wear.” We can only imagine Morticia's glutes looking this good.
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