Where to find the best porridge

Top chefs around the world are serving up haute heritage grains—and not just for breakfast.

Porridge goes by many names. In Denmark, the magic mix of grain and liquid is called grød. In China, it’s congee. In Russia, it’s kasha. In America, people eat oatmeal for breakfast and grits all day.

Now, top chefs are feeding the gluten-free and ancient grain craze by creating cereal-centric menus. But unlike the usual oatmeal and fruit situation, these dishes have a chewy—not gummy—quality similar to a hearty stew.

Get your grains on at these hot spots around the globe:

grød, copenhagen

Three locations serve comforting porridges that are an elevated version of what Danish kids have for breakfast every morning. Add-ins change weekly and may include skyr yogurt and cacao nibs. Head to the flagship outpost on Jaegersborggade, the city’s hippest street.
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oatmeals, new york

Diners can either DIY their bowls with a range of sweet (crystalized ginger, almond butter, Speculoos) or savory (pesto, balsamic glaze, veggie bacon) toppings. Or pick one of the restaurant's own creations like The Hot Date (dates, pecans, granola, peanut butter, honey) or Truffle RisOATto (shaved parmesan, truffle oil, sea salt and black pepper).
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porridge and puffs, los angeles

This nightly pop-up serves up grains cooked to a creamy risotto-ish consistency. Ingredients are sourced from the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. Look for seasonal bowls, such as kokuho heirloom rice topped with diver scallops in x.o. sauce.
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faro, brooklyn

This Bushwick restaurant’s porridge dinner special starts with milled organic wheat berries, corn, oats, and emmer from upstate New York. Mix-ins change with the seasons. Last fall, it was made with mushroom, scallion and whey.
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