Sleep on it

The latest head-to-toe overnight beauty products work best while you rest.

Waking up flawless isn’t a dream.

A new crop of beauty products is engineered to work while you snooze. “During sleep, our rejuvenating cells or ‘stem cells’ are quite active and they reproduce to make thicker skin and repair the damage encountered throughout the day,” says Dr. Ann Chapas, Instructor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She recommends using the best skincare products specifically formulated for nighttime, such as a richer moisturizer and products that contain ingredients that you shouldn’t use in the AM because they are degraded by sunlight, such as wrinkle-fighting retinoids.

Up your #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie game with the latest products that get you gorgeous while you sleep.

for wrinkle smoothing: restorsea restoring night cream, $175

From-the-ocean ingredients such as brown algae and an enzyme released during the baby salmon hatching process hydrates and improves elasticity. In the AM, you’ll notice plumper (in a good way) and smoother skin.
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for healthier hair: alterna haircare caviar anti-aging overnight hair rescue, $38

Strands can show signs of aging, too. This caviar-infused treatment replenishes split ends, brittle hair, and prevents future breakage. It’s also fast-absorbing, so you won’t have to worry about greasy pillows or sheets.
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for softer lips: bite beauty agave lip mask, $26

Jojoba oil heals chapped lips, while the potent anti-ager resveratrol (found in grapes) packs the antioxidant punch of 15 glasses of red wine. All ingredients are food-grade, which means it’s safe enough to eat.
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for an all-over tan: james read sleep mask tan face & sleep mask tan body, $43

Look like you just got back from a beach vacation thanks to this silky aloe-and-hyaluronic-acid-spiked gel that delivers a natural golden tint while you snooze. It works for every skin tone.
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for blemish-free skin: pca skin purifying mask, $56

Apply a thin layer before bedtime to detox acne-prone skin. Micro-fine pumice gently exfoliates; clay draws out impurities. Or it use it to spot-treat a rogue pimple.
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for fuller brows: revitabrow advanced eyebrow conditioner, $78

Sleep your way to supermodel brows. This peptide-based conditioner strengthens hair to prevent breakage and encourages growth in sparse spots.
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for refreshed eyes: first aid beauty eye duty triple remedy overnight balm, $38

This eye cream battles aging on two fronts: under eyes and on the upper eyelid. Dab it along your entire orbital area to tighten, brighten, and moisturize.
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